Your Own TV Talk show

Having your own Internet TV Show is a great way of establishing you as a professional in your Industry.

  • We offer a full fledged studio where we can do a Green screen video or we can create a set for you.
  • We provide you with tips and tricks on how to host your own show
  • We have various extras we can offer including live streaming.
  • You can sell adverts on your show to recoup costs and even make a profit (cost of producing advert not included)
  • You will get a copy of both the raw footage and edited footage to do with as you please.


Below prices include basic editing:
– basic editing lower third titles, keying out green screen
– Posting on our social media. Guaranteed 2000 views +

Weekly show 30 minutes $ 200 per month (min 2 months)
Monthly show 30 minutes $ 65 per month (min 3 months)
One off show 30 minutes $ 75 . show

Add Ons
Live streaming $ 20 per show
Producing 20 sec Intro to show $ 150 once off (waived if 8 or more
On Site (film at your place) $ 40 per show to cover travel and
setup costs. If multiple shows done at
same time no additional costs.

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